The expansion of the European Union to 28 countries in 2013 and the Brexit-related reduction to only 27 countries have reduced customs requirements somewhat, but transport still requires professional planning.

Because exports and imports from and to Switzerland, from and to Norway, as well as from and to Great Britain still represent a sought-after service, which can be delivered by our experienced team at any time.

Proper customs clearance is crucial for smooth transport without delays and additional costs. We offer comprehensive advice and processing of your import and export customs clearance. For example, we prepare your ABD (export accompanying document) and, if necessary, the EUR 1 as soon as we receive your export invoice and proof of preference. Simultaneously with the execution of the customs export (documentation) we organize the import customs clearance in the destination country. This ensures both fast direct transport and fast clearance. Should you have any special requirements beyond this, for example a temporary import such as a trade fair or other demonstrations – we are the right contact.

In addition to transport, we also take care of export clearance and import customs clearance at the border customs office. If required, we are also at your disposal for the clearance of returned goods for trade fair or repair shipments.

Do you have specific questions about the export or import process? Then please contact our disposition team by phone on +49 (89) 320 69 21 – they will be able to answer your questions appropriately and professionally.