For particularly sensitive (hightech) goods, special transport is carried out by our air-suspended vehicles. This includes goods such as: medical electronics, laser systems or machine components.

In all weight classes from 3.5t to 40t total weight. The majority of the vehicles have a furniture box-like body with high-quality interior equipment.

Unpackaged goods can be securely strapped to the interior walls (covered with needle felt). Floor lashing eyelets, horizontal and vertical load securing rails complement the possibilities for optimal load securing of your hightech goods. It goes without saying that sufficient lashing straps, anti-slip mats, edge protection and other padding material are always carried in the vehicle in order to additionally secure the corresponding goods against damage.

For special electronic devices or medical equipment and systems we also offer the option of heated transport. For other temperature-controlled goods, our thermal transport is also available to you.

High-tech is in the right hands with us.

Please use the following form file to create your shipping order and then submit it to us, regardless of the shipment size and vehicle category:

If you have any questions about this form, we will be happy to assist you by phone at +49 (89) 320 69 21.