Thermo / Pharma

Thermobox mit geöffneter Tür
Thermo box with opened door

Always the right temperature for all goods.

Special requirements apply to temperature-controlled transport of sensitive goods. This requires reliable transport management with competent employees. We have the expertise and the necessary capacity, which we have continually expanded, especially in the area of temperature-controlled direct transports.


We carry out thermal transports for pharmaceuticals and medicines (mainly from +2 to +8 C°, +15 to +25 C°) in accordance with the current GDP (Good Distribution Practices) requirements. Similarly, highly sensitive electronics often require temperature-controlled transport to avoid damage or to ensure that the goods are ready for immediate use upon arrival at their destination.


We also have the right solution for chemical products that have to be transported cooled down to -20 °C!

No matter whether you have pharmaceutical, chemical or electronic products – we always offer the right solution: from frosty -25°C as refrigerated transport to pleasant +25°C as thermal transport.

We guarantee an unbroken cold chain and also a punctual transport of your goods. We ensure monitoring by printing out a temperature protocol on site and by using GPS monitoring (thermal mapping).

Compliance with the international GDP guidelines for logistics and transport is our top priority.

We would be happy to provide you with advice, the quickest way is by telephone on +49 (89) 320 69 21.

Please use the following form file to create your shipping order and then submit it to us, regardless of the shipment size and vehicle category:

If you have any questions about this form, we will be happy to assist you by phone at +49 (89) 320 69 21.